A Level Dates Changed to Allow Ministers to Sit Before Election

exam-sri-lankaThe Education Ministry announced that it will reschedule this year’s A Level examination to allow election nominees to sit their exams ahead of the forthcoming election

Speaking through the media, a ministry spokesman said “There was a clash of dates and we thought it best to let election candidates to sit the exam before being elected rather than getting jobs and then finding out their lack of education which has happened in several elections over the years”

After years of getting B grades, Ranil is finally hoping to get an A this year although no one is confident in him. Mr R Karunanayake is combining 2 streams and will be Engineering Economics, while Bandula is reading Sinhala Literature to find meanings of dirty words. Basil is hoping to go on a Foreign Exchange programme pending his results and Sajin Vaas has been barred for cheating last year. Namal will be having a separate sitting. Everyone will be studying for Politics, but no one will be taking up Logic.

Mervin Silva will be taking his A Level examination for a record 28th time. The teacher who was supposed to be providing him support during the exams is still tied up.

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