Biro Pen Sales Set To Plummet As Government Bans Appliances With Two Pin Round Plugs

bpManufacturers of biro pens have formed an association to discuss the threat posed by the decision to ban round pin plugs including the two pin variant, which is expected to lead to a reduction in the number of biro pens purchased normally used as a prong in the plugging process.

A spokesperson for the recently formed association said, “Sales of pens for plugging in appliances with two pins currently account for 25% of sales. Some are bought brand new for the purpose while others are purchased in order to replace pens which have been damaged in the process. It has been a profitable sector. We have been lobbying that all future appliances should have only two pins and ensuring  all plug sockets are three pin, so that we can generate further sales. However, the Government has succumbed to the propaganda of the three pin plug system and decided to move to that.”

“As a result of the digital revolution, pen sales have been on a steady decline and we relied on the plug and play sector for a steady contribution. Now that this is jeopardy we will have to seek new growth opportunities. We are in advanced talks with the Government to introduce another copy to the existing triplicate form filling requirement in the public sector.”

A spokesman for the Government said, “The three pin plug lobby’s financial proposal was shockingly attractive so we decided it was time to make the switch.”

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