Bribery Commission Launches Quiz Show


As part of ‘ Yahapaalanaya’ the new government launched a celebrity quiz show organised by the Bribery and Corruption Commission of Sri Lanka. Titled ‘You May Be a Dodgy Bugger’ the new quiz has already seen a number of leading celebrities, purely coincidentally all of them politicians from the former government, taking the hot seat and answering a number of awkward questions.

The rounds in the quiz include

  • Politics – What devious qualities make you a good politician?
  • Finance – Can you explain the billions in your bank account?
  • Geography – Tell us which foreign banks your money is in. (Or we will guess)
  • Speed round, including other drugs – are you a dealer? (Also known as Whose Line Is It Anyway?)
  • General Knowledge – Name 3 former two way roads that are now one way.

Contestants have to display a number of skills including a lack of financial awareness, dumbfoundness and early onset of Alzheimers. Bonus points are awarded for the special Shaggy answer ‘It wasn’t Me’

So far no one has claimed the any of the prizes including the top spot of a 5 years worth of prison time. The Commission has been under pressure to award a prize but say that the contestants are very impressive, and hold some of the lowest IQ scores in the world so sometimes even answering simple questions like their name is a problem.

The Commission is also going to be launching a special edition of the global hit quiz ‘Family Fortunes’ featuring a hand picked selection of leading celebrities from the former regime.

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