Central Bank Honours Ravi Karunanayake’s Services To Corruption By Issuing Note With His Face On It

Ravi MoneyA spokesperson for the bank said, “He sometimes acts like the public money is his so we might as well give him his own currency. But as it turns out he doesn’t like to spend his own money and prefers if rich business pick up the tab, for which is willing to offer favors including turning a blind eye to their casual corruption. There is also a suggestion to rename the Treasury to Karunanayake as well, a proposal that has been made by Arjun Aloysius. ”

Ravi Karunanayake said, “Why have they used the Rs 5000 note? Considering the amount of backhand deals I am involved in, they should have issued a note of higher denomination – say one million rupees. That is the kind of value that my face is worth of and also what I will be charging the Central Bank for use of image.”

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