Colombo Swimming Club Patrons Appalled At Having To Resort To Swim In Their Pool At Home

CSCA number of members of the Colombo Swimming Club have been offered to counselling following the devastating news that some of them will have no option but to swim in their private swimming pools at home, following the demolition of part of the premises by the RDA last evening.

In a related a story, the news coincided with the explosion of laughter by single people in Colombo.

One member of the club said, “This is just appalling. The only time I have previously felt this angry was when they ran out of lobster at Tintagel. For years I have enjoyed sitting next to the pool enjoying a drink but not getting into it. Now all I am left to gaze at is the sea, and I just hate waves. At least the bar is open for the moment”

A spokesperson for the RDA said, “We are members of the JVP and our mission is to dismantle elite structures in society, which is what we were literally doing. If some of the Swimming Club Members want a good night out we recommend Randoli.”

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