Daily Mirror Website To Invest More On Blocking The Latest News With Advertisements

Popular advertising website and occasional online news publication the Daily Mirror today announced that it is DM-AD3planning to invest in more technology and resources in order to block and surround its breaking news and editorial content with even more advertisements so that readers can be constantly reminded that they need to spend their money on stuff.

DM Ad 5

Someone who may not the be the Managing Director of the website said, “We believe that more than the news, our readers will be interested in buying the latest phone, despite them owning one which is perfectly fine, or being reminded that there are still apartments available which they will never be able to own. We aim for consistency and the adverts are more consistent than the news, which unfortunately keeps changing.”

Someone else, who may not be the Head of Sales, added, “There are so many things to buy out there and our readers must know about them. What’s the point of reading about Government policies and keeping abreast of domestic affairs when you don’t know who the authorised reseller of fake Nike shoes are? We have an internal advertising to news ratio of 345:1 which is actually conservative in our view.”

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This article was brought to you by Strawberry flavoured Melon Jam.


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