December Misappropriated More Funds From People Than The Former Government Says FCID

FCID 2The month of December has been reported to the FCID for allegedly taking money from everyone who was having fun and celebrating Christmas and New Year, according to bank statements which were opened with much hesitancy.

One reveller said, “I’ve racked up a bank loan the size of a small country to fund the festive season spending. In between the multiple lunches, dinners, drink ups and buying presents, December has been a disaster. I felt compelled to report it to the FCID as even the Rajapakses could not have misappropriated this amount of money from people. It’s a travesty. I am also going to have only 11 months this year and go straight to January from November”

A spokesperson for the FCID said, “We are looking very seriously into this matter but like our other investigations, it is highly likely we will drag the process on for years, if not decades. We are concerned that December seems to have amassed such a lot money in the span of just 31 days. Even politicians take about three months to organise commissions and ensure they receive the money before approving deals.”

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