Derulo Show Goes Smoothly: Mayhem At Clayderman Concert As Aunty Throws Specs At Pianist

RCWhile last night’s Jason Derulo Show went off without incident after security at the entrance handed out padlocks to girls to secure their bras, chaos was reported at the Richard Clayderman concert that took place across town after an Aunty flung her spectacles at the pianist in a moment of excitement during the performance and unfortunately missed the rest of the show.

The lady, who had a little too much sherry before the concert, said that she regretted her actions but was caught up in the heat of the moment. “A few of us girls decided to go and see Clayderman and met up before for a quick drink. He was performing impeccably but when Ballade Pour Adeline came on I could not restrain myself. It struck a chord with me. I initially planned to throw an article of clothing but I haven’t removed my bra in 7 months so I thought best to leave it. The only thing that I had to hand was my spectacles. Unfortunately, after I threw them, I couldn’t see the rest of the show.” she said.

President Maithripala Sirisena commented on the incident at a press conference saying, “The organisers of this concert should be taken out and be subjected to 4 hours of non-stop sarpina music. That is our culture. When I heard that ladies were removing their spectacles and throwing I realised the scale of the major problems we face as a country. The declining exchange rate, growing debt and my son’s misdemeanours are all minor issues in comparison to the events of last night and I will make it a priority to address them.”

Mr Clayderman who left the country after his successful show in the mid-nineties is accused of returning only because the war is over.

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