Economic Plan Will Increase Colombo Land Prices From ‘Unaffordable’ To ‘In Your Dreams’: Ranil

RW5Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe, who owns a sprawling property in Colombo 7, today said that as a result of his plan to create an Economic Hub in Colombo, property prices in will increase for the average person from ‘Can’t afford a perch’ to ‘Can’t afford a square foot’ very soon.

Mr. Wickremasinghe in outlining his plan said, “Very few people can afford property in Colombo anymore and we want to reduce that number even further. That way we work towards achieving equality by getting prices to beyond the reach of most hard working people and limiting to it to a minority. Currently, mainly very rich people, those who have inherited land, property developers and politicians are to be likely owners of land in Colombo. Very soon it will only be politicians as we begin to develop the economy.”

“If you own property in Colombo I urge you not to sell as you can get more in the future by sitting on your arse. Rather than thinking of land as a place where one can live, like the average person, we urge everyone to see it a way to make a financial killing. Look at what the property developers have done – increased the price of land purely to make a profit, ruined the skyline and neighbourhoods and increased pollution and noise levels so no one can walk the city in peace. These are the signs of economic development even if it means the city is less habitable. You can also exploit this to make money from people who earn less by renting out space to them. Double bonus.” he added.

When asked what people who could not afford property in Colombo could do to help improve their lives considering most businesses are concentrated in the city and increased travel times, Mr Wickremasinghe said, “They can try leaving a little earlier to get to work. There are days when I also spend 4 hours on the road in my tax payer funded ultra luxury car.”

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