Father Of Girl Abducted By Her Brother Wants To Clarify VAT Position on Ransom Before Paying

VATThe father of the girl who was recently abducted her brother has said he is negotiations with his son to determine if VAT is applicable or not on the payment as a result of the confusion caused by the Ministry of Finance’s bungling team of administrators.

The distraught father made the appeal via the media to his son and said, “The fate of my daughter is now in the hands of the Ravi Karunanayake, which sounds extremely ominous. If he simplified the VAT system we would have been able to resolve this matter immediately. According to our accountants, before the administrative debacle, VAT was not applicable on ransom money but we understand that the Government have taken a decision to add it to all future ransoms but backdate the start date. So it is difficult to figure out if need to pay this.”

“The only way to resolve this is if my son goes and abducts one of Ravi’s daughters. I have told my son that he should return his sister to us, go carry out the abduction of the Minster of Finance’s children and once theVAT position is clarified he can come back and abduct his sister again. The issue is that I don’t have money to pay VAT and in case I can find the funds, I want to know if I can claim it back.” he added.

In a related story, the association of underworld gangsters has issued a memo calling for a halt of all planned abductions until the VAT matter has been cleared up so that they minimise their liabilities and also ensure they are adhering to the financial laws and regulations for future abductions.

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