Giant Squirrel Escapes And Appointed Daily Mirror Editor After Latter Hospitalised For Inability To Discern News

squirrelA giant squirrel had taken the helm at news publication Daily Mirror after the former editor was hospitalised for publishing a story about a giant squirrel and making it newsworthy.

The psychiatrist who has been charged with diagnosing the editor of the Daily Mirror said, “I have never seen a case like this. The editor can’t tell the difference between what is and isn’t news. It’s like they don’t watch or read any other news and believe they can pass anything on as news. I wouldn’t be surprised if they run a story about how someone read their newspaper. We’ll have to keep the editor here for a long time.”

The squirrel said, “A monkey applied for the position and didn’t get it but I have more experience in being able to discern news. For one, I would not have published the story about how I escaped in a national daily. That barely would make it to the front page of Squirrel Weekly or Nuts magazine. I am sure I can a better job than the current editor.”

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