Google Introduces P Language Mode So Parents Don’t Bother Their Kids Anymore When Using The Internet

P LanguageIn a bid to reduce parents asking their kids ‘Putha, where is the send button? Is it this one which says Send?’, Google has announced plans to introduce all their software in the parent-friendly P Language mode.

One parent said, “You-pu, know-po, Thi-py will make my-py life be-pe-te-per”

A spokesperson for Google said, “Our data shows that second to porn, the most time spent on the internet by those under 30 is helping with their parent’s emails. Attaching images to parent’s emails, making sure they don’t send it to the person their parent is bad mouthing in the email, forwarding viral videos every 45 minutes takes up a lot of these kid’s times. After doing some analysis, we realised that one of the key reasons parent’s struggled with websites and programs is due to the straight-forward language they are present with.”

“So we decided to introduce P language and it seems to have worked well. A number of parents have been sending messages to other parents with their kids in copy, in the belief that the message will not be deciphered by the kids as a result of the sophisticated P language encryption,” the spokesperson added.

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