Govt Allays Privacy Concerns Of Smart ID Cards By Assuring Public All Data Will Only Be Written Down And Left Out Open On Desks, And Not Stored On The Cloud For Hackers

sidAhead of the official launch of new Smart ID cards, the Govt has addressed fears that the data will be subject to hacking by confirming that all information collected will only be written down left on unattended desks but not on the cloud which could be vulnerable to hacking.

The Minister in charge of administering the new cards said, “Also this hacking happens when people store information digitally. Has there ever been a case of hacking of information that is stored on paper? No. There have been instances where the data has been stolen by a disgruntled employee and given to mobile operators so they can spam us but that is theft, not hacking.”

“A number of people have also questioned how the information collected will be utilised by the Government and if there is a chance that the data will be sold to private companies or be used to target certain individuals whom we have issues with. We were told by consultants that by having a proper database that the possibilities are endless, so we are keeping our options open and not limited them to legal activities only,” he added.

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