Govt Says Denu Cancelled From Avurudu Formalities Due To Huge Debt Pile, But Can Ganu

MGDThe Government today said it would issue a late notice that the Denu part monetary transaction formalities relating to Sinhala and Tamil New Year is being cancelled this year due to a lack of funds as a result of a huge pile of debt.

The statement which was issued along with the Avutudu Litha said, “We regret in inform all Sri Lankans that this year we will not be able to do the Denu section of the financial formalities. This is because the previous administration did a lot of illicit Ganu from the public purse which we are currently unable to locate. We understand that in people’s private capacity they may want to do Ganu Denu as a formality where the same money is handed over and back immediately, sometimes just for a picture opportunity. For these transactions, the Govt will charge a 2% handover tax.”

“However we will be going on a campaign of Ganu so if anybody wants to donate money to the nation please contact us as we can’t seem to get the system of Tax Ganu quite right yet. As for the auspicious aspects of the day, if you are in doubt which direction to face, turn towards China. ”

Meanwhile, it has been reported that productivity levels in the government sector will stay at normal levels this Friday after it was declared a public holiday.

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