Harsha De Silva Revealed To Be A Normal Politician As VAT Increases Despite His Assurances

HDSDeputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Doctor Harsha De Silva was this morning unmasked as a normal politician after the government announced that a 15% increase in VAT despite his assurances to the contrary.

Since his appointment into Parliament, Super Silva, as he was known in some circles and polygons, had been leading the charge of acting with integrity and transparency, words not normally associated with politicians especially those of the Sri Lankan variety. He also instigated the much lauded island-wide paramedic service making an emotional speech during its recent launch. However, the Deputy Minister shed no tears when news of the increase in VAT was announced, saying he had used up his monthly quota. The news coincided at a moment when he removed his glasses revealing him to be just a normal politician.

In a media briefing held this afternoon, Dr. De Silva said, “A doctor is like a god. Only they use medicine and surgery to help heal people. And they have car permits. So actually they are not like gods. But handwriting is similar. No one actually knows what any of the gods wrote. Anyway VAT. Yeah, it’s going up 15%. Having a look at the recent Global Happiness Report I think we are over indexing so better to get it under control. The best way to do that was increase taxes. Happiness is returning to levels that we should be at as a country and we should be proud of that even if we are unhappy about it.”

Meanwhile, President Maithripala Sirisena said that he would not allow the tax to be a burden on the people. “I’ve resorted to saying stuff that doesn’t make sense. So this VAT will not be a burden on people although they will have to pay it. Anyway, here’s my son to provide further distractions from my antics.”

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