Having Double Standards Is Much Better Than Having Just One Standard: SL Ministers

Sri Lanka MinistersA number of Ministers of Parliament have confirmed that they have worked very hard to have acquired double standards rather than be stick with a single standard that most honest people have.

One Minister said, “These people who have just the one standard have nothing to fall back on if things don’t go their way. However, with double standards, we have options. For example, we will tell the public how bad alcohol is for them, but when we require their votes or attendance at a rally, we are willing to provide them alcohol-free of charge. If I had only one standard, I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

Another Minister said, “Just last week I was attacking the opposition party for being a bunch of crooks but when I realised that they are likely to get more votes in the next election and after being assured of a prominent position in government, I decided to join that party. So having double standards has its benefits. But only Ministers are allowed this privilege and members of the public will be arrested for having double standards.”

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