Hotel De Pilawoos Introduce Cupcakes In Bid To Capitalise On ‘Everyone Is Baking Cupcakes’ Trend

cupakesLegendary nocturnal Colombo eatery Hotel De Pilawoos today announced that it will be introducing a range of cupcakes to the menu (otherwise known as the list of stuff that the waiters can bother to remember) as part of its Christmas offering in a bid to capitalise on the baking trend that has now spread like a virus across the city.

Hotel De Pilawoos, at which no one has ever stayed overnight although a few people have passed out on the pavement outside, said that they have been working on a range of flavours for the new offering including Chicken Palandi, Cheese Kottu and of the course confusing Dolphin as part of the cupcakes available.  Flavours that are a twist on cupcake favourites are also being planned including Real Red Velvet, which has a cloth like taste, and Chocolate Surprise which actually contains no chocolate and is surprisingly expensive. The diner will also have something for vegans who want a gluten free option and are lactose intolerant – a glass of water.

Patrons of the Pilawoos in Kollupitiya, who are not sure if it is part of a chain or not, said they look forward to going into a sugar coma by combining a glass of Iced Milo together with their Pilawoos Cupcake. However, head waiter Mohammed said that the cupcakes, even though pre-made, would take at least 15 mins to bring out to customer’s cars.

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