Husband Whipped in to a Woman

Husband 2In a strange turn of events a Sri Lankan woman today discovered that her husband, who had been subjected to over 8 years whipping, was actually now a woman. The wife said that she was happily married for 3 hours when she noticed her husband displayed signs of unusual activity including not listening to her natter for more than 45 mins, not taking her side at all times against her relatives and answering ‘yes’ accidentally when asked ‘Do I look fat in this?’.

Since then the wife admitted to subjecting the husband to years of treatment known as ‘putting him under the thumb’ but never expected that he would actually turn in to a woman. The husband, now known as wifey, has handed himself in to the police saying that he would rather be in jail than married adding ‘generally sentences are shorter and you can get some action at the drop of a bar of soap’.

Other husbands around the country asked in union ‘You can do that to get out of wedlock?’.

In a related story crimes committed by married men across the country have skyrocketed.

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