I Came Back From America After No One In SL Returned My Ring Cut Calls From My US Phone: Ranil

RW SunniesRanil Wickremasinghe said that he had to come back from his American sojourn after no one was returning his calls that made from his US phone.

Mr Wickremasinghe said, “The public seem to have forgotten me. It’s like I wasn’t even in Sri Lanka, the country of which I am Prime Minister although I spend less than 20 minutes there every week. I was trying to call the principal of Royal College to find out if there were any suitable candidates that I can recruit to the party as that accounts for 90% of the criteria for membership. Of the remaining 10%, 6% is the ability to conduct white collar financial crime and 4% is for not having a phobia of elephants.”

“After the principal didn’t pick up, I tried ringing my wife, other cabinet members and then just calling other people in my contacts list of 8 people but no one answered. I then attempted random numbers but still not answer. I didn’t have enough credit, as Ravi cut my mobile allowance in order to buy lottery tickets, which is why I had to resort to ring cuts,” he added.

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