I Don’t Know My Family’s Rent Arrangements As I Run Foreign Affairs Not Domestic Affairs: Ravi

rkgIn a seemingly casually sexist remark, MP Ravi Karunanayake said that his role in life is currently limited to managing Foreign Affairs, indicating that his wife and daughter are in charge of domestic issues and, as such, they should be to blame for accepting rent free accommodation at a luxury penthouse.

Speaking through a phone call to the media paid for by Arjun Aloysius, the Minister said, “How can you expect me to know what goes on I my own house when I have women who are in charge of domestic chores? They do all the cleaning, cooking, arranging and even paying the bills. But they don’t know politics, which is something that we have in common as a family.”

“We have very clear cut roles in our household between the sexes but there are times it comes together to make something beautiful. For example, I am in charge of money and my wife is in charge of laundry and together we run an excellent money laundering operation,” he added.

The Minister is resisting calls for his resignation in fear of not being able to afford friends who can pay his rent for him anymore.

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