ICC Agrees To Compensate Kusal Perera By Giving ‘First Man Have Chance’ In Next 30 Innings

KSPThe International Cricket Council today announced that it would provide compensation to Sri Lankan Wicketkeeper – Batsman Kusal Perera, who was suspended for doping charges that proved to be false, by giving an extra chance in the next 30 innings that he plays in.

Perera was banned from playing cricket from December 2015 until May this year after a sample contained a suspicious substance, which turned out to be a piece of Dolphin Kottu. The laboratory in Qatar which tested the sample said, “We had never seen anything like this before in all our experience of testing so we raised it with the ICC who took appropriate action. However it appears we have been too hasty, and in our defence, we must ask – what the hell is Dolphin Kottu?”

The ICC said, “We can’t put a price on the opportunities that Mr. Perera has missed out as a result of this blunder which is why we are not providing financial compensation. However, we believe that we can help him recover some of the missed chances of batting and reaching certain milestones. As such we felt the best solution is to give him an extra life. So in a test match he will have to be out four times and twice in both one day and T20 matches for the next 5 months.”

Kusal Perera said that as this was a team game, he also wanted ‘last man have chance’ applied to Sri Lankan innings but the ICC indicated that was a stretch too far as they giving ‘first man have chance’.

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