Keells Super Takes ‘Standard Of Freshness’ Concept To New Level With Its ‘Live Food’ Range

KsKeells Super unveiled ‘The Standard Of Live Food’ this weekend at the fish counter at one of its outlet with the launch of the live rodent variety which was spotted roaming around.

The range was launched following complaints by some customers that existing produce was not fresh enough despite the supermarket’s claim. One shopper said, “I bought a piece of fish last week only to find out if was a variety of that had allegedly been extinct for over 3 million years. So I wonder how long they are keeping their fish in the freezer.”

The marketing manager for the new range of live food said, “We believe in continuous improvement and the only way to make our fresh food even fresher was to go with live food. We managed to even get our Brand Ambassador’s support for this. Kumar Sangakkara will participate in our ill-conceived ‘Bat for a Rat’ campaign. This will mark a change in how we use Kumar considering all we have done is get him to pose with his thumbs up and plaster his face all over the shops.”

“We will also be giving Nexus customers an extra 32 points for managing to catch and purchase any product from the Live range, while credit card customers will get 28% off when they shop for the Live range between 4.12pm – 5.43pm every other Tuesday when it falls on an odd numbered date only, in keeping with how our current promotions are timed,” she added.

Meanwhile. customers have been asked to bring fishing rods so they can catch their own fish in future. The supermarket will just weigh, price and bag it.

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