Leopard Numbers Expected to Dwindle after Tinder blocked in Yala

Leopards_YalaThe Department of Wildlife said that as a result of the disabling of mobile phone networks and data within Yala National Park, they expected a significant drop in the number of Leopards over the next few months as the animals would be unable to meet potential mates on Tinder.

A spokesman for the department said that “Over the last year, there was a significant increase in the number of young Leopards born within the park after we provided the adults with mobile phones and showed them how to use Tinder. Having a natural ability to swipe at things they were able to use the app instantly and began hooking up with other leopards in the park for one night stands, some of them which led to having cubs”

“However most of the other animals were using their phones for non-mating purposes and becoming anti-social, as a result of which we received a number of complaints from visitors that they weren’t seeing as many animals as they used to. The crocodiles were seen spending their days sending Snapchat messages to each other while the birds were busy Tweeting and the Elephants were taking advantage of their trunks to take selfies”

The local economy around the park is also being affected with one tracker who spoke to us saying “Since mobile phone access has been disabled, people don’t want to come anymore as they can’t tag that they are visiting the park despite telling all their friends before they came where they were going and also being unable to upload photos within 5 secs of taking the picture”

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