Marshall Named After a Lane

RoadOne of Sri Lanka’s most senior army personnel, who oversaw the defeat of terrorism in the island, was today renamed Jaya Mawatha in recognition of his services. The road, located in Keselwatte, has seen many victories over the last 15 years including notably the 8 over softball cricket match of 1993, where the Pereras beat the Godagamas in their only triumph in the tournament and also the battle that ensued when Uncle Dayasiri beat a cow to get him of his property only to find dung in his garden the next morning.

After considering the shortlist of roads to name the Marshall, including Dinana Road, Paradu Nethi Lane and Victory Roundabout, the Road and Development Authority felt that Jaya Mawatha deserved to have its name felicitated, despite the 2 potholes and the lack of a pavement.

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