Media Should Stop Spreading Fake News And Spread Our Fake Promises Instead: Maithiri and Ranil

R and MThe President and Prime Minister have criticised the several media outlets for prioritising an agenda of fake news ahead of the Government’s national agenda of fake promises.

Speaking at a press conference, President Sirisena said, “I am sick of the media spreading fake news when they should be airing real stories like my fake promises. We have worked very hard to ensure that we do not fulfil our promises as a means of generating news stories because we can’t achieve anything. But the media ignores all of that and produces their own fake news instead.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe said, “From the very inception of Good Governance, and by failing to adhere to the very definition, we have a long-standing record of broken promises that the UNP are proud of. We are hoping to continue this as long as we are in power, which is for the next 10 weeks. Editors of leading publications should not assume everything, or anything, we say is real.”

“Please read News Curry for factual reporting,” added both the President and Prime Minister.

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