Media stirs up Speciesism against minority Jelly Fish community

Jelly FishThe Media were today accused of stirring up Specieism when they started questioning the increasing numbers and motives of Jellyfish along the Southern Coast.

The minority Jellyfish community have been living in peace over the last million or more years in the seas along the south of the country, but a recent swell in numbers has left the media and members of the former government concerned.  MR, speaking at a rally yesterday said that he “single handily ended the country’s civil war, but since Yahapaalanaya was introduced the Man O’ War has raised its ugly sac and will very soon want a separate state” One observer pointed out that Hambanthota could be offered as nothing is really going on there.

However Minister of Sri Lanka’s 96 World Cup Winning Side said that media should act responsibly when reporting such stories. ‘Jellyfish are earthlings just like us. They have rights too despite not having many facial features or belly buttons” adding “Off the record, I like Jelly but not with Fish. Let’s go for some dessert”

The Minister also requested the media to respect the other rights of other minority Dessert + Marine life combinations that live in the South of the Island including Crab Brulee and Prawnacotta

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