Members of Parliament Prevented From Screwing Up Country until August 17th

ParlimentAs a result of the Air Conditioning system in Parliament failing last night, Pundits have predicted that Sri Lanka has entered a new, albeit brief, period free from major political calamity.

The new phase commenced in Parliament after a late night session which involved an inebriated President telling his guests ‘Look at you people – You come dressed up for the free food and to shout at each other. Some of you also try to pass unnecessary motions. The Prime Minister is so drunk he has confidence in himself. G.L. is trying to lecture people.  Duminda is doing shots in the corner. This Baila has to stop and the Parties are over for the moment ’

The President said that in order to be invited to the next session people would have to submit their names by 15th July to try and get on the guestlist. Despite overstaying his welcome and already being kicked out, there are rumours that Mr Mahinda will be aiming to gatecrash the next session disguised as Namal.

Insanity is set to prevail once again from 17th of August onwards.

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