Mervyn Silva Also In Line For Nobel Peace Prize For Uniting The Nation In Celebrating His Failure To Get A Parliamentary Nomination

MSD2Following yesterday’s news of President Maithrpala Sirisena’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, and in a bid not to be left out of the spotlight, Former MP and all round bully Mervyn Silva today announced that he will be nominating himself for the prize as well, pointing to his achievement in uniting the nation in securing his universal derision.

Shouting to us while waving a finger in the air, Mr Silva said, “While Mr Sirisena managed to secure a majority of the country’s vote at the Presidential Election, there was even a higher majority of people that were united in the decision that I should not get a nomination for the General Election. I think it was only my wife, son, bodyguards and myself who wanted me back. Everyone else was against me. The ability to galvanise the country to that extent is unprecedented. I deserve to be nominated more than he does. I also have a clearer calendar so there will no issue of being available to go and collect the award.”

Rumours of other Sri Lankans who were likely to be nominated include Mr Rajapakse for uniting and bringing peace amongst his family by appointing everyone to Government related positions and Ravi Karunanayke for conducting the most peaceful session in Parliament when all members fell asleep during his budget reading.

Meanwhile, Ravi Karunanayake himself is up for Nobel Prize for Chemistry having proposed tax incentives for cars powered by Helium.

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