MPs Can Insult, Slander And Promote Hatred In Public And Parliament Confirms TRC, Because It’s Not Social Media

debateThe Telecommunications Regulatory Commission today warned the public that the only people who are allowed to insult, slander, promote hatred and character assassinate other people are MPs because they do it in public and not on social media, despite every time an MP does engage in this activity it ends up on social media.

President Maithripala Sirisena said, “Social media is only good when positive news about me, true or untrue, is going viral or when I am able to criticise the opposition. However, if there are any accusations being levelled at me, then it’s time we need to come down hard on the comments section of such Facebook posts. The price the Joint Opposition have for failing to secure a parliamentary majority is that they must be ridiculed on social media. However, we must be immune.”

“I have also instructed the TRC to make punishable by fine any memes featuring my image because in the least I should be getting some royalties. Had I received even one rupee per meme, considering the number created I would have amassed a fortune greater than the Rajapakses,” he added.

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