SLC Selection Committee Say They Only Pick Squad Not Shirt As ‘Rainbow Throws Up’ Design Selected

Sri Lanka Cricket Rain 2The newly appointed Sri Lanka Cricket Selection Committee have distanced themselves from the team shirt that was unveiled this morning, after saying that they are only responsible for selecting players for the squad and not involved in selecting anything else, be it shirt designs or the type of chocolate to be included in the desert during the lunch break.

The committee made the statement after the Board announced that the design of the team shirt for the upcoming World T20 tournament was inspired by an episode reported in the Nature magazine when a drunk rainbow threw up on a discarded shirt, which was discovered in Singharaja reserve.

The designer said, “I was given a brief to some up with a new design for the Sri Lanka Cricket team and I decided to venture into nature to get some inspiration. One morning I noticed a shirt with vibrant colours streaked across it and I knew a rainbow had barfed. That or it could well have been me as I mixed several types of alcohol the night before and have no recollection of what happened. But that is how I got the concept for this.”

One player said, “We decided to add another dimension to our attack in case our bowling, batting, fielding and appealing aren’t up to scratch. This shirt will help distract the opposition when things aren’t clear cut or as black and white as we want.”

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