Newly Recruited SL Customs Sniffer Dogs Demand Cut Of Commissions To Buy Juicy Bones

Sniffer DogsA group of sniffer dogs recently recruited by Sri Lankan Customs have announced that they will be forming a union in order to ensure they get a fair share of the commissions from any deals agreed by their human counterparts so they can facilitate a luxury lifestyle of juicy bones and gold collars.

Speaking just after being appointed one of the new hires who goes by the name Buddy said, “We have been hired for our keen sense of smell which we generally use to sniff out fellow dog’s butts. But we can also smell various drugs that are being smuggled in to the country illegally. And in the event we do find a stash it is only fair that we are rewarded. We know that there are times that officials get a cut to pass some consignments through. We just want our fair share.”

“The paycheque of a sniffer dog isn’t great but if we can get a commission it will help us live a more lavish lifestyle just of prime Australian ribs and lamb marrow together with being better dressed with gold collars. There are a few of us now working here so we decided to unionise to ensure out rights are protected just like the human customs officers,” she added with a woof.

Another dog called Rocky said “I’m just happy to have a job. I was unemployed after quitting my previous job as a watchdog after I found out that I was being transferred to work for a Chinese family. I went to meet them one evening and they said I could stay for dinner. Didn’t sound promising. “

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