Newlyweds Who Went To Airport Early For New Check-In Time Celebrate Silver Wedding Anniversary On Reaching Departure Gate

AIRPORTAn advisory from the Sri Lankan Aviation Authority regarding the new check-in time has already caused a major issue when a newlywed couple who came to the airport who came early for a flight to celebrate their honeymoon ended up reaching 25 years of marriage by the time they reached the departure gate.

The couple said, “Well this is not quite what we expected. We ended up spending our honeymoon in the first security checkpoint, out 5th anniversary and 10th anniversaries at the check in counter, our 15th anniversary at immigration and our 20th in the duty-free waiting area. By the time we reached the plan we were told we would be getting a free upgrade from economy to economy plus and an extra helping of dessert to mark the 25 years of marriage.”

“We also managed to have two kids while waiting to board and one of them also managed to complete university before we got to our seats,” the couple added

Another person said, “I came to the airport as a child but by the time I reached the gate, the officials said I had to buy an adult ticket as I was no longer a kid. I’m just glad I managed to do my O and A levels while waiting.”

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