No Matter How Nice You’ve Been I Can’t Afford To Get You A Shangri La Maalu Paan: Santa To Kids

Malu PaanSanta Claus has asked parents to please make sure that their kid’s Christmas wish lists do not include requests for Shangri-La Maalu Paan after it was revealed that they cost almost as more than buying a loaf of bread and a whole fish separately.

In a statement made in Lapland this morning, Mr Claus said, “While a considerable amount of gifts are produced in the elves workshop we have to directly purchase gifts where a brand name has been mentioned, although we will try and source cheaper knockoffs from China where the difference is not discernable. However, we have been that a number of children in Sri Lanka are thinking of including the Shangri-La Mallu Paan on their list. As a result of the high cost in sourcing this, unfortunately, this is not a request I am able to fulfil however nice you have been.”

A spokesperson for Shangri-La said, “If you look closely at the menu we are not just a 5 * hotel, we are also a 5 + hotel. So although the bun only costs Rs 50 once you add the +++++ it tallies up to Rs 800 because each + is different. We are also offering a buy two Malu Paans and get a free weekend stay, as a result of the profit margin generated.”

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