Not just Christians Bailed

52724_galagodaatte-gnanasaraCelebrations were short lived in Sri Lanka when leader of the Buddhist Thug Life group Bodu Bala Sena was released on bail just an hour after his arrest for being a dissatisfactory individual. A warrant had been issued against the Therarist who was also wanted for defying court orders and participating in protest. And for being unpleasant.

It was argued in court that the monk had been out of the country and as such was not able to attend the initial hearing. The judge inquired as to whether the monk could permanently relocate out of the country for the sake of peace in Sri Lanka.

On leaving court the monk said to the gathered media ‘I don’t see why only Christians should get bail. We so called Buddhists of the BBS should also be eligible’, failing to understand how the legal system works.  The monk  has also failed to understand a number of other subjects including Buddhism.

Christian Bale was unavailable for comment

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