November Salary Set To Last Until December 8th Only Say Economists

srilanka-nightlifeA number of leading economists have forecasted that most Sri Lankan’s November salary will last only until the 8th of December this year due to the increase in the number of social events they will have to attend to, the accompanying peer pressure to attend them plus the requirement to give gifts to family and charity during the final month of the year, all other things being equal. Oh and of course, the Christmas sales.

In addition, one bank said they have begun accepting loan applications from a number of youth who are excepted to fork out eye-watering sums of money to party on New Years Eve when the only significant differentiating factor will be the date, apart from which it will be like partying on any other night. A spokesman for the bank said, “Our special December loan facility which will be marketed as the ‘It’ll Be Fun Until You See Your Account Balance In January’ will be a big hit especially among the youth of Colombo.”

Among the events you can spend your money on include an Electrocuted Peacock and a show called ‘Sex and Love’ which (Spoiler Alert) will disappoint ticket holders if that is what they are expecting to see especially since the Sunny Leone show, which had a more realistic chance of providing both, has been called off.

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