Owner Of Most Expensive Car Imported To SL Relived To Hear Rabukwella Has License Suspended

rrw2The owner of a Rolls Royce Wraith, touted to be the most expensive car  imported to Sri Lanka, has said he is finally happy to pay the customs duty and have the vehicle released after hearing the news that erratic driver and wayward bowler Ramith Rabukwella will be off the streets of Colombo for at least seven months after his driving license was suspended this afternoon.

Speaking from the customs warehouse the owner said, “The car was delivered to the country a few weeks ago and I was getting ready to go and pick it up together with the applicable tax when I was told that Ramith Rambukwella drove into a tree. If someone who needs to maintain a straight line as part of his profession managed to swerve and hit a tree, I wondered if it would be safe to drive around in the Rolls while he was on the streets. I told the customs guy to hold on to it a bit long and I will pay any demurrage fees that accrue.”

“It would be such a shame to have this beauty dented by Rambukwella which is why I was glad to hear the news that his license has been temporarily cancelled. It means that now I can expect three wheelers or bus drivers to scrape this vehicle,” he added.

Meanwhile, a number of people have been asking why this car it is so expensive despite having only two doors.

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