Pensioners Say They Know How Millennials Feel To Be Without Wi Fi As Postal Strike Commences

pbPensioners have been forced to use something called email in to order to communicate with the outside world after their version of the internet, commonly known as the Postal Service, went on strike last afternoon.

One pensioner said, “My grandson came over to see me after 3 months, gave me a big hug and asked me his favorite question – ‘What is the Wi-Fi password Seeya because we have no electricity at home.’ I told him that my Wi Fi was was also not working and I knew how boring the next few days were going to be as the postal service decided to go on strike. I won’t be able to find out if my cousin’s his replacement went off well or ask my only living classmate which walking stick I should invest in.”

“My grandson said I can use something called the internet but I told him I didn’t have an envelope big enough to fit it in. He also said that there are several tabs that I can use when I am stuck. I thought he found my stash of blue ones in my top drawer,” he added.

In a related story a pensioner was seen licking a computer screen before sending out an email.

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