People To Vote For Cutouts Instead Of Actual Candidates At Local Election As They Are Less Corrupt

cutourParty leaders have been asked to remove all cutouts of candidates contesting for the forthcoming local government elections after the Election Commissioner revealed that the portraits were on course to secure more votes than the actual candidates.

In a press conference, the Commissioner said, “We asked a number of voters who they would be casting their vote for and most of them said that the cutouts of their chosen candidates had more personality and were less corrupt than the real nominees. After this was discovered to be a widespread opinion, we have asked the party leaders to remove cutouts across the island immediately.”

One voter said, “At the moment all these politicians are like cardboard and lack any real strength. At least the metal reinforced cutouts will have a bit of a backbone, unlike the candidates who are canvassing for votes. They are also one dimensional and are unlikely to be two-faced. This is why I will be casting my vote for the cutout.”

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