Prabhakaran Says He’ll Celebrate Birthday With String Hoppers In Grave As Hopper Prices Hiked

Hopper PKFormer leader of the LTTE, Velupillai Prabhakaran, today said that he will have to resort to eating string hoppers in his grave on his birthday after his local canteen said that they would be increasing the price of hoppers after a memo was issued by the little, but now well known, All Island Canteen Association.

Speaking via an Ouija board located next to the Carrom board in the tuck shop near his burial site, Prabhakaran indicated “I had planned to treat myself to food that the LTTE invented including Hoppers, Tea and a lunch packet. I was informed that prices of these goods are being hiked on my birthday so I have resorted to having string hoppers, a green tea and one uludu vadai. Do you know if the price of Pani Appam also gone up as I would like some dessert?” said the letters on the board.

The price of a double egg hopper at Kaeme Sutra has now gone up as well and is the same price as Lobster Thermidor.

The All Island Canteen Association said that the price of everything will go up on Ravi Karunanayake’s birthday or the budget, whichever comes first.

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