Pandith Amaradeva Joins David Bowie, Rukmani Devi and John Lennon For Jam Session

AmaradevaOne of Sri Lanka’s greatest musicians and veteran singer, Pandith Amaradeva, joined the late David Bowie, John Lennon and songstress Rukmani Devi among other artists who have crossed over for a mega jam session.

Pandith Amaradeva, who composed some of Sri Lanka’s most iconic music, was seen taking his violin and joining the session which was already underway. Despite the late entrance he managed to seamlessly and harmoniously blend in with his unique sound and distinct voice, even leading the musical ensemble at one point. The Starman said, “It’s great to have the legendary Amaradeva join us. It wasn’t just his music – even his lyrics were very meaningful and he had a profound impact on the Sri Lankan music scene. He’ll be right at home here and can join his contemporary Sunil Shantha as well as songbird Rukmani Devi. This jam session is turning out incredibly well. Freddie Mercury has just stepped out for a breather but will be back soon. Michael is practising his dance moves in the next room.”

Pandith Amaradeva said, “I’m glad I didn’t need a pen, a pineapple or an apple to make music on earth. Just a violin.”

Meanwhile, Sri Lankans have been left with artists whose over stimulated videos overshadow their actual musical ability.


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