Ranil and Harsha Clarify Car Plant Saga: Not Volkswagen But Hot Wheels And Lego

legoPrime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe aimed to clarify the situation with regards to the proposed car plant saying that although he had initially indicated that European car giant Volkswagen would open a new car assembly plant in Sri Lanka, they have decided to assemble smaller Hot Wheels and Lego cars instead as they are more eco-friendly.

In a statement, Dr Harsha De Silva said, “I had some discussions with Volkswagen about opening a factory over here and then handed the negotiations over to my children. They did an analysis which revealed that more Hot Wheels and Lego cars could be produced per day when compared to VW. They also said that Lego models were much easier to assemble. So we have now decided to go ahead with that. We have laid the foundation Lego brick yesterday and expect the first cars to be assembled by 2020. Don’t believe the media unless I am in the media. And try not to remember I lied about VAT.”

The PM said, “We will be able to get more vehicles on to the roads of Sri Lanka by people using Hot Wheels and Lego instead of Toyota and Honda. However, it is important that we as MPs should keep our Mercedes Benz and BMWs. It’s just the public who should downgrade to smaller vehicles. They are also very low on emission when compared to Volkswagen.”


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