Ravi Karunanayake’s New Year Resolution Of Not Being At A Loss Comes To An End

ravi lossRent free tenant turned owner of a penthouse, Ravi Karunanayake, had to break his New Year resolution of not being at a loss after admitting to being at a loss after just five days of 2018.

In a statement, the former Finance Minister said, “Having been at a puzzled for much of 2017 about details of my own life, my aim was to try and work hard at avoiding being at a loss this year which is why I made it one of my resolutions. That and not getting caught. The year started off well when I remembered that the 1st of January was a Poya so was not at a loss of alcohol on the day by having pre-purchased several bottles on New Year’s Eve.”

“However, when I watched the President make the statement about the findings from the Bond Scandal report, despite my efforts I could not help but go back to my old habit of being at a perplexed. Having something unofficially to do with the members of the family that perpetrated the fraudulent activity does not mean I had something to do officially to do with the members of the family that perpetrated the fraudulent activity. Also it is claimed I lied in court, but lawyer lie all the time in court, so where is the justice?,” he added.

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