SAITM Students Agree Not To Write Legible Prescriptions In Bid To Get Registered With SLMC

prescriptionStudents at SAITM have agreed that they will not resort to writing legible prescriptions in a bid to convince the morons at the GMOA to permit them to be registered with the SLMC.

A spokesmoron for the GMOA said, “These students at SAITM aren’t getting adequate training to be registered as medical professionals with the SLMC. For one thing, their prescriptions are legible and it will become apparent that GPs prescribe paracetamol for every ailment and even broken limbs. We can’t have the public knowing that this is all we after checking the pulse, pressure and looking under patient’s tongues. The main thing the public don’t know is that only doctors have access to coloured paracetamol which makes patients think they are getting different medicines.”

A spokesman for the Government said, “So what if the SAITM CEO got shot? His students should know how to perform surgery if required noh? Anyway, we aren’t going to make a statement about this as we have more pressing issues like appointing more committees to oversee other committees. The last thing we want to do is address pressing issues. That can wait for the next government to deal with.”

A spokesman for the SLMC said, “We can’t register anyone from SAITM as they haven’t got proper training despite the institute having qualified medical personnel teaching. However if anyone has appeared in an episode of Grays Anatomy, ER or Scrubs they are eligible to be registered.”

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