Several People Arrested For Being A Stone’s Throw Away From Passing Trains

TrainA number of people who were trying to determine the actual distance of a stone’s throw were today arrested when it was discovered they were a stone’s throw away from passing trains in Colombo.

A lawyer for one the men arrested said, “My client and few of his friends were trying to determine how far a stone’s throw actually was because one of them had seen an advertisement for a property which said it was that distance from the lake. However, they discovered that the actual distance could vary depending on several factors including the weight and shape of the stone, wind and the strength of the person throwing it. In order try and gauge an average they decided to throw some stones and see how far they would go.”

“Unfortunately, two of the stones that were hurled collided into passing trains. They meant no harm it’s just that they went farther than they had intended it to. After a complaint by the driver they have now been arrested for being a stone’s throw from passing trains,” he added.

“I have asked the authorities to show leniency as my client and his compatriots have agreed that they need to find a better method to calculate distances and will be yelling at passing locomotives in future and try to gauge the shouting distance instead.”


Several people have suggested that both the above methods used to calculate distance are outmoded and should be updated to something more relevant with ‘within Wi-Fi range’ being the top contender.


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