SL Cricket Team Inspired By Pakistan Win Over England And Hope To Win Toss Against Australia

The Sri Lanka Cricket team have been inspired by Pakistan’s win over England last night and hope to emulate their victory in the toin-coss when they face Australia later this week.

A spokesman for the team winged it saying, “Despite losing the series against England with the bat and the ball the contest was much closer when it came to the coin toss. So that is one area that the team believes that they can improve on so we have hired a specialist in coin reading to assist the team and the captain to make better calls when it comes to this aspect of play. There are several technical factors that need to be considered when calling the coin toss including the denomination, material and which hand the tosser uses to flick the coin.”

“Our key strategy for the forthcoming series against Australia is to convince their captain Steve Smith to accept our condition for the coin-toss of ‘Heads we win, Tails you lose’. If he is agreeable to this we believe that it will favour us to win the series by coin-toss, although even then considering our recent form this could be an issue and we are carrying a lot of injuries plus inflation,” he added.

Chief of Selectors, Sanath Jayasuriya is hoping to convince Australia that the home team should always make the call and then hand select and hand over a double headed coin to the match referee.


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