Sri Lanka – India Fishing Dispute Leaves Surangani Close To Starving

FishingThe on-going sea border dispute between Sri Lanka and India which has resulted in a number of fishermen from both countries being arrested and a resultant shortage of fish has also impacted the life of legendary pescatarian Surangani, who was admitted to hospital last evening after being found in a ravenous state.

Surangani, who has no surname, used to get her fish freshly delivered on a daily basis which she then prepared for herself and some of her neighbours. But since the crisis erupted there was a steady dwindling of deliveries and eventually fish stocks have completely dried up leaving her to survive only on rice, a few vegetables and poppadum.

One of her cousins, who was trying to console her, was overheard saying “Aren’t you embarrassed to be crying like this on the road? People from all round and even slightly further away are watching you. Not only are you crying, but your eyes are getting red, and watching you is making me also cry.”

The Government has said that Surangani should consider alternatives including dried and canned fish, both which are under strict price controls as a result of the recent budget and as such likely to be more affordable.

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