Sri Lanka Runs Out Of Internet Bandwidth As Iraj’s Music Video Played On Repeat

ir1As a result of Sri Lankans watching Iraj’s latest music video cum (pun intended) guide to getting it in on in the jungle on repeat the Government today announced that it will borrow more internet bandwidth from India for the month of September in order to deal with the dwindling reserves of bytes.

Minister of Information Technology Harin Fernando said, “Phwoar. Someone turn the air conditioning up in here. And find out where this place is”. He later added, “I was informed that the country’s internet bandwidth for the month of September is almost fully consumed and this has been attributed to the new music video from Iraj, which I have just witnessed myself. Several times. Over and over again. I have made contact with the internet people in India and asked if we can borrow more bandwidth to tide over this month. And by the way – Phowarrrr!”

Rapper Iraj said, “Some people are concerned that they will go blind as a result of watching the video, and this is exactly why I am wearing sunglasses in the clip. So as long as those watching the video wear shades and keep their hands on the table, blindness will be minimised. We hope the video will inspire a new generation of rappers to make sure that they have a sexy video to accompany their music, however shit the tune is.”

On watching the video, actor and director Ron Jeremy said, “Even I’m blushing. I’ve had to delete it from my internet history in case I get caught having watched it by colleagues in my indsutry.”


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