Sri Lanka to Follow US Ruling Allowing Gays to be Legally Unhappy

Gay Unhappy 2Following the historic ruling by the US Judiciary granting equal rights for gay people to be as unhappy as non gays, the Sri Lanka government said it too would be looking in to reducing the country’s overall happiness by implementing this ruling. A spokesman said that ‘So far we allow for unhappiness through love as well as Arranged Unhappiness. As Yahapaalanaya is US friendly we will be looking at this ruling as well’

Gays in the USA were celebrating that they can tie the knot that would not allow them to celebrate much further. “We fought hard and went through a lot of tough times, just to be able to go through more tough times in our lives. We felt we had it easy but who wants to be happy and single? Doom and gloom should be shared as it is selfish to keep it to yourself”.  A leading spokesmen for Hetrosexual community said “We tried all means to prevent the gay community from being unhappy and while, happy for their victory, their honeymoon will soon be over.  Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you”

In a related story the BBS said it is looking to use Facebook’s colour filter function for next year’s Vesak campaign. A spokesperson shouted “We just need to change the orientation and some of the colours and people will be able to change their profile pic to show their Buddhist Pride. Pride is an important Buddhist virtue and we at the BBS are proud to be creating irrational fear amongst the people”

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