Sri Lankan Named Bond Villian


In a surprise move that has stunned the world of film, producers of the new James Bond film casted the Governor of Sri Lanka’s Central Bank as the next Bond villain. Spectre, which is the 24th movie in the franchise, and the name of a sinister organisation will be headed up by the villain AM played by the Governor.

Speaking to the media, the producers said that instead of an audition they wanted to try and freshen the selection process by asking the actors to conduct an auction. The Central Bank Governor displayed outstanding skills during his chosen auction that were required of a Bond villain including interest rate manipulation, nepotism and crucially not getting caught by MI6. ‘This will be one of Bond’s most challenging foes’ they added. The casting director, who was also part of the process, said fans of 007 should not invest in Greek bonds.

Spectre hits cinemas on the 6th of November 2015. Interest rates and current yield for bonds on this date are unknown.

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