Sri Lankan Rejected For Job In Australia Says She Is Not Brown Skinned But Tanned

AusA Sri Lankan woman who was recently rejected for a job as a result of her brown-skinned has said that it was actually a tan that resulted from the use of cheap brand of sunscreen and that she is actually very fair in complexion.

The woman applied for a role at a creative agency and cited 27 years in the industry as experience to justify her selection, but was allegedly rejected on the basis that the company had already hired enough people with a tan to the company. Speaking to us from Australia, the woman in question said, “I am very annoyed that the agency took this decision purely based on my tan, that I actually worked very hard for. But the sunscreen I picked up was quite weak which led to my skin ending up being darker than I wanted it to be. And I am livid about that.”

A spokesperson for the agency said, “We didn’t know that Sri Lankan people get tans, so we assumed that she had brown skin and we already have enough people in the agency with that complexion. We believe in diversity and have also hired people with blue teeth and green hair in the past to make up for the fact that there are too many people with black hair. However, we were dismayed to find out that woman was actually not brown skinned but tanned.”

“We are very sorry for the actions taken and we will be reviewing our policy when it comes to tanned people in the future,” they added.

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